Secret Tricks to Writing


Read Your Work Like Everything Else

After you have finished that first draft, change you manuscript’s page size to that of a small book(5-inch x 7-inch?). Change your double-spaced lines to single-spaced. If you have Kindle, send your MS Word document, as an attachment, to your Kindle account. Kindle has the fantastic ability to display many types of documents – if you haven’t yet, give it a try. You can find your Kindle’s email on the Kindle manage account page on Amazon. You’ll need to set your Kindle account up to allow emails from your own personal email address because it blocks everything except what you tell it to allow in. Next, sit back on the sofa and read your work like you read everything else. Read it as a reader, not a writer. Keep a notebook nearby to write where you’re not feeling the emotion/action/character/scene/etc you want. This is not a good way to fix the small mistakes in grammar and spelling, but it is a great way to distance yourself from your writing and spot those places that need more or less description, and getting what emotion the writing is delivering to the reader.


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