Being a Mother is a Great Excuse

I really do love summer vacation. I love taking my kids out and about. We explore the island together, and find lots of great little places to share with friends on my Taiwan-based family travel blog It also means I have daily excuses for not writing. Actually, I should change that verb to “had”. I spent the first two weeks of this summer vacation making up a ton of excuses for not writing. I stared into the sink every morning, cursed my children for existing, and blamed them for my lack of productivity. That’s not exactly fair now, is it? I spent more time cursing their being home for “interrupting my writing” than doing any productive activity (writing or otherwise). The start of the third week, I looked into that sink and saw a revelation. Motherhood was not stopping me. My own procrastination techniques were stopping me. I decided to be a better role model and actually make time to do what I love to do.

I threw a notebook into my bag and took it everywhere. I took it to the swimming pool, to the beach, to the supermarket and to the library. Every moment I had, I wrote a sentence or a paragraph. Today, I sat down to type what I had made over the last two weeks. I have the start of a pretty decent story, just over 3,000 words with characters and a basic plot. Sure, it needs some work; some more serious thought, and some story extension. But, it’s 3,000 words more than I would have had if I had carried on pretending my role as “mother” was preventing me from thinking. I also have to share the wonderful spin-off. My reluctant writer has spent the last week carrying a notebook with her, taking notes, sketching, and creating very short stories. So now, for me, being a mother has become extra motivation to write. Have a creative summer, everyone!

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