You Know You’re a Writer When….

One of my favorite hashtags on twitter is #youknowyoureawriterwhen. I love to look these up and smile and commiserate with fellow writers. Some of my favorites have to do with the hilarity and creepiness behind some writer’s (including my own) google searches. Others have to do with the basics of becoming a writer, which for me developed into a lifestyle after years of practice.

One of my favorite writing quotes is from Franz Kafka: “A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity.” For the past week and a half my mother has been visiting me in Taipei, and to get more time with her, I’ve set aside my morning writing time. The result is an increasing itch to write, crankiness, and a few shameful thoughts of hiding under my sheets and pretending to be sleeping in the mornings so I could write.

#youknowyoureawriterwhen a vacation from writing is driving you mad.

That said, it’s been a lovely visit with my mother, but unfortunately, two weeks is just not enough time to see all that Taiwan, and even Taipei, has to offer!   -LLP


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