Interview with Gene Wolfe


I would write for about an hour before work on workdays, and then I would write on Saturdays and Sundays. That left my afternoons and evenings free to play with my kids or read to them. And then in those days—and believe me, I no longer do this—anytime I woke up after 4:00 a.m., I stayed up and I wrote. I stopped writing when Rosemary called down to me that breakfast was ready. When I left off editing, I increased the time I spent writing by a factor of three.


Gene Wolfe, esteemed author of over 30 sci-fi novels, talks about how he writes.


2 thoughts on “Interview with Gene Wolfe

  1. This is encouraging! I plan to get up at 5am this school year to write for an hour before work, then on the weekends, so I have time for schoolwork in the evenings. It will be a challenge for sure, even without kids!


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