Top Reasons to Join a Writers Group

Why should you join a writers group? There are a million reasons! But here’s the top 4:

1. Love to Share Your Writing

Maybe this is obvious. Writers groups are for people who love writing, doesn’t matter what type, novels, poetry, essays, short stories, bios… Many people start out writing privately. They might have a feeling that they want to share it, but are afraid to. Well, writing, like any other art, involves skills that can be honed, and getting feedback from others can be very helpful in building confidence and motivating you to write.

2. Want to Advance Your Skill

This does not just involve finding what words you misspelled or fixing sentence structure. You’ll find that as a writer, you affect people. You make people laugh, you make them cry. You draw them in with tales of high adventure. You inform them. And you make them ponder some idea. And since it is an art of communication or expression,  seeing or getting direct feedback adds a dimension to improving your writing that is way beyond just having someone check the grammar.

3. Have Goals

Writers groups can be very supportive and informative to writers wanting to publish their material. There is a lot to learn about polishing, preparing and submitting your penned works, and groups of writers with the same goals offer a big advantage over a writer going it alone.

4. Love Reading

This is the price for admission. If you love writing, hopefully you love reading. It’s like if you love sailing then you probably love being on the ocean. And reading other writer’s new work is an excitement in itself because you are exploring, discovering stuff that is being shared for the first time.

Got more reasons? Add them in!


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