The Changing Publishing Industry News

Unless your book is the lead title in the publisher’s spring or fall catalogue, you’re more or less on your own as far as marketing and publicity is concerned.

Eileen Goudge talks about her experience leaving traditional publishing for the indie world.


3 thoughts on “The Changing Publishing Industry News

  1. What she says is true, especially the part about being married to her agent. If you dig, there are many stories of writers getting their foot in the door through connections in the publishing industry. But self-publishing, especially in speculative fiction, is levelling the playing field a little.

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  2. It’s true I had advantages, starting out in traditional publishing, that a lot of other authors don’t have, but I wouldn’t recommend marrying your agent. Too much closeness can be bad for a marriage. And though have connections does get you through the door quicker, your work better speak for itself or you’ll be out the door just as quick.


  3. Thanks for the advice, Eileen, and sorry if my comments caused offence. When you’re a struggling writer it’s tiring to hear about how a popular author’s aunt, cousin, school friend etc. works for a large publishing house. Best of luck with your endeavours in independent publishing.


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