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At 41, I am starting to look at writing as a craft a bit later than many authors (I hear it’s never too late).  Idea sharing at the Taipei Writer’s Group meetings opened my eyes to the amount of study that can, and probably should, be done by aspiring authors, but with a young family and other commitments already in place, fitting in time to focus on study and reading really was an overwhelming proposition. And, let’s face it, my eyes don’t take to long hours of reading like they used to.  I was ready to flag the study and just write.


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Then, I discovered podcasts!  I could download podcasts and put them on a CD to play in my car on my lengthy commutes.  I could plug in headphones at night and listen to them while doing mundane work tasks or household chores.  This way, I could absorb hours of information and experience generously shared by industry experts and accomplished writers, and maximize use of previously wasted time in my day.

Over the past few months, I have listened to many podcasts that I have found by following links in “best of” lists on other sites.  I would like to share my two favorites:

1. The Creative Penn podcasts, by self-published author Joanna Penn.  At the time of writing this post, there are 191 podcast episodes available.  Penn’s earlier podcast episodes focus on the craft, and they slowly move toward being a how-to guide for writers to succeed at self-publishing and promotion.  I adore Penn for her upbeat and positive attitude as well as her dedication to providing relevant, useful information to authors.

2. Writers on Writing is “a weekly radio program hosted by journalist and author Barbara DeMarco-Barrett, and guest hosts Marrie Stone and Nicole Nelson, on the art and business of writing.” (http://writersonwriting.blogspot.tw/)The archives hold podcast episodes from as far back as 2001.  You can enjoy intelligent interviews with some of the best writers in their respective fields, as they share their writing processes and philosophies.  Industry specialists also appear on the show, giving advice to those of us trying to get published.

Have you tried listening to podcasts?  Did you find anything you would like to share with other readers and writers? Please add them in the comments section.  I’d love to find something new!


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