Novel Writing For the Nervous

photo credit: miguelavg via photopin cc

photo credit: miguelavg via photopin cc

Thinking about writing a novel makes me sweat. And not in a good way. The idea of writing 100,000 words that never see the light of day fills me with fear. I worry that the disappointment of reaping no reward for those hours and hours of effort will put me off writing another word of fiction forever. But this thread at the writers’ website Absolute Write has got me questioning my attitude.

Some posters say it’s easier to sell a novel than to place a short story with a professional publication, and that novel writing is more financially viable as a career. While I enjoy my freelance writing more than any other job I’ve ever had, writing fiction for a living is cherished dream.

Two unfinished novels lurk in the forgotten corners of my computer’s hard drive. Can I go the final mile and actually finish one? I’ve decided to find out. I’ve set myself the goal of writing 1,000 words a day. Three months’ work should give me enough material for a novel, and another three months’ work should see it to polished completion.

That’s the plan. I’m starting to sweat, and I don’t think it’s due to Taiwan’s sultry weather.


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