Proofreading Tools

I recently tried the online proofreading software Ginger ( It’s a decent tool for catching common mistypes that aren’t caught by Spellchecker, like spelling desert as dessert or breath for breathe. The free version goes through your writing line-by-line, and depending on how long it is, this may take a while. It took me about 4 hours for a 60,000-word novel. When it finds a potential problem, a message pops up with suggested corrections. One nice feature about Ginger is the dynamic dictionary. You can add words, so if your World has a lot of new words, or alien names, the tool knows this and treats them as correct.

Of course, it’s no substitute for a human proofreader, but it is a nice addition to the any writer’s toolbox.

Got a favorite proofreading app? How well does it work for you?


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