A Tale of Broken City (Teaser)

Below is the poem that serves to anchor and provide the foundation for my new story about New York. For me poetry is the best way to test and experiment the “essence” of a story, not the “moral” and never will be.

What is your style or method to create the foundation of a story?


Gust tempers down, clouds spread out,

the bare decorated with a few sparkles

faint and trying

 Overpowered largely by manmade flashes

Glamour continues to razzle dazzle

Makes believe the real never leaves the surface

Jungle is never safe

Tangled chaos have their own gestures

Wild yet stylish, cast a spell of a remarkable assumption

 That a straight yet lifeless monument

Can rule how we walk on the moon

Offer an achievement of concrete illusion

 Sun just beams, wind whispers in caution

Seems intangible but filled with veracity

In its original form, simmering the collapse

 The Lust for everything

The Loneliness of having all

The Learning with long form writing

 Save an urban cynicism of being passive aggressive

Take a break, sip an ice tea

Some fires still wait to be ignited

 A caveman once made a discovery

An obelisk can float again

To witness the fall and salvage climb


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