What a Difference a Review Makes – Taiwan Tales

bookcover (1) Receiving a glowing review is gratifying, but I did not realise the difference a review can make to sales and Amazon rankings.

Taiwan Tales was published towards the end of 2014. I recently started checking its placement in Amazon’s Kindle bestsellers rankings. I’m not sure why. Procrastination, boredom, OCD, any combination of the above.

Taiwan Tales hovered around the 500,000 mark with occasional forays into lower hundreds of thousands. This is unsurprising. Eclectic anthologies are not popular.

Then came Bradley Winterton’s glowing review in the Taipei Times on March 19th. He could not have praised Taiwan Tales more:

There isn’t a weak link anywhere in it. It’s a far more professional and compelling assemblage than anyone might reasonably expect, and as such is most definitely recommended reading.

Mr. Winterton goes on to summarise and explain the merits of each story.

Curious to see whether the review would have an impact on sales and ranking, I checked Amazon this morning. Taiwan Tales had risen more than 300,000 places. A few hours later, I checked it again, and the book had risen another 13,000 places.

Delighted is one word to describe my reaction to the rise. Gobsmacked is another.

If you’ve ever wondered whether contacting newspapers to ask for a review is worth it, the only thing I can say is, go for it. You might find find your book rises 320,000 place rankings.


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