A Trip to Flannery O’Connor’s Andalusia Farm

After losing my cat in January, I decided to forfeit my much anticipated month of writing for three weeks of being spoiled rotten and loved on at home. I have to admit, while my writing and reading schedule (especially for grad school) took a major hit, the trip was worth it. One reason was this girl right here: 10334342_10206454339702946_316464755028394174_n-2

Oh my goodness. Some things are so worth the sacrifice.

She is a true Georgia girl, let me tell you. All sass.

And speaking of Georgia girls; while I was home, I decided to take advantage of being less than an hour away from Andalusia Farm, once home of Georgia’s own Flannery O’Connor. Despite having lived in Milledgeville years before (and driving next to this farm almost daily), I had never visited….and had never read O’Connor until a grad school course last year. I was so enthralled by her short stories, this Christian writer from Georgia with such guts, that I ended up writing my final paper on her. There is still so much I want to learn and study about her, but until I’ve survived grad school in full, this trip will have to tie me over. Here are some photos from my visit.


One of the most surreal moments was pulling up to O’Connor’s home, which felt like something from a dream or memory, probably because I’d seen the house in pictures in my studies.


The excellent guide (a fellow Whovian!) shared that O’Connor wrote with her desk facing away from the window to avoid distractions.


I also learned that O’Connor bought this refrigerator for her mom with the money she earned from one of her stories (or possibly one of her novels–I should have made notes!)


It was like walking into a scene of an O’Connor story to walk into that old barn!


One of my favorite parts of the trip was walking through the trail behind the lake. It was like being in the Georgia backyards I grew up roaming, and it made me feel all the more connected to O’Connor as a native Georgia writer.


I wanted to spend the entire day writing and studying on her front porch in one of these rocking chairs. As we were leaving, some students came to do just that.

You can learn more about Andalusia Farm here, and follow them on twitter as well! And if you haven’t read O’Connor yet, I recommend starting with her short stories!


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