Night Market – Our Second Anthology is Released!

Back in February, we celebrated the creation of our first anthology, Taiwan Tales. To revisit  our amazement and celebration at the completion of our vision, refer back to this blog post.

Members have been jokingly referring to our books as “having babies”. Having had two babies, I think there is definitely similarity in the way we forget the pain and joyfully suggest, “Let’s make another!” And make another, we did.

From the creation and first edits of the stories to the artwork, the blurb, and the layout of the e-book and print versions, many members of Taipei Writers’ Group have given their very best skills and expertise to make Night Market a production that the group is proud of. Having moved back to New Zealand in December 2014, I was probably the writer least involved in the production process, and I am indebted to the dedicated souls that worked on the editing and production for weeks and weeks. For me, the wonderful thing about this anthology is, it gave a number of group members a chance to participate and utilize skills beyond writing.

Let’s look at the cover:


All of the artwork was done by the talented Hannah Charlton. She is a member of our group, and listed in the author section of this blog. Each Chinese sign is a title of a story in the anthology.  If you read Chinese, see if you can match them up! Post your attempts in the comments, and we will eventually tell you whether you guessed correctly. There is a beautiful black and white image to accompany each story, which you can see in the e-book and the print version.

And how about the Amazon blurb:

You can find anything in the night market…

Text messages from beyond the grave. Love potions and hidden secrets. Answers to questions that haunt our memories or discoveries that may change the direction of our lives.

Tales of love and loss, of life and death.

From local and expat authors living in Taiwan comes a multi-genre anthology of short stories as piquant and varied as the food found in the island’s famous night markets.

Who could resist that invitation to partake in a night market feast?

Another extension to our publishing experience has been the book launch parties. One is being prepared as I type, and I am feeling my distance, on the other side of the earth. But, just like our characters on that Night Market cover, the words in the book ensure our group stays together.

So, shall we make another?

Of course!

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