One in the Bag and Two on the Way

At Taipei Writers’ Group we’re very excited to be writing our third anthology, which is set in the dystopian future of The Collector, a story that appears in Taiwan Tales. The anthology is based on a global warming phenomenon called Peak Heat, where extreme temperatures make life unliveable, and it includes stories set in countries around the world during Peak Heat and in its aftermath, when civilisation has collapsed.

Meanwhile, I’m proud to announce the publication of my science fiction collection, There Comes a Time, and two forthcoming works: the fantasy collection, Dawn Falcon, and a novella entitled Death Switch.

After writing and publishing science fiction and fantasy stories for the past two years, I’ve decided it’s time to put on my big girl knickers and write a novel. So I’ve bundled my published and unpublished short stories into two collections, and I’ve written a novella. My science fiction collection, There Comes a Time, is already on sale at Amazon. Dawn Falcon is the title of my fantasy collection, and it’s available for pre-order along with my novella, Death Switch, before publication on September 1st.

There Comes a Time - A Science Fiction Collection

There Comes a Time – A Science Fiction Collection

There Comes a Time includes stories such as Return of the Prodigals, where Martian colonists return, not as heroes, but as refugees; and The Last Days of Duane Dayton – convicted murderer Duane thinks the worst that can happen is that someone deletes the file that holds all that remains of his consciousness. He’s wrong.

Dawn Falcon - A Fantasy Collection

Dawn Falcon – A Fantasy Collection

Dawn Falcon is named after the lead story. A young woman called Keia finds a child’s skull in a well, but she little suspects how it came to be there or who is responsible. In another story, five-year-old Max has a genetically engineered dinosaur pet with extraordinary powers.

Death Switch - A Sci Fi Novella

Death Switch – A Sci Fi Novella

Death Switch tells the story of Yi Ling, a downtrodden genetic technician. Hoping for freedom from her controlling parents and fiance, she creates a clone of herself instead of the donor body she should have been growing for a wealthy client. When the client falls ill and needs her transplant immediately, things start to go sour for Yi Ling.

Belonging to Taipei Writers’ Group and attending the meetings has been instrumental in writing and publishing the above works. Without the feedback and support of the group members I couldn’t have achieved half the volume of writing I have in the last couple of years. I’m very much looking forward to our next anthology and I’m itching to start on my comedy scifi detective novel. Back to writing!


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