Respect The Reviewer 2: How to Find, Contact and Stay on the Good Side of Reviewers

A great post on soliciting reviews in a polite and respectful manner, from happymeerkatreviews.


Here’s the second Respect the Reviewer article I’ve written (the first can be read here).  This is for all authors out there.  While some tips might be obvious others you may not have thought of, either way I hope some of these tips will help you find a reviewer and go about contacting them the right way.  🙂

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All authors know the importance of getting book reviews. Not only can a good book review encourage others to buy your book but if you get enough of them your book will be listed higher on amazon (or so the rumour goes). But how can authors go about contacting reviewers? And what’s the right or wrong thing to say and do when asking and waiting for a review?

I’ve been reviewing books for some time now and take this ‘job’ very seriously. I recognise the need to give an informative and honest…

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What’s New at the TWG

So many exciting things are coming up for the Taipei Writers Group, it’s time to spill the beans.


The TWG will be at Daniel Pearl Day at the Hakka Cultural Park, Taipei, on September 10th. Come along and meet the writers, pick up some free bookmarks, enter the raffle or buy a book. Taiwan Tales, Night Market and Peak Heat will be on sale (cheaper than print copies on Amazon), as well as writers’ individual works.

In February 2017, for the very first time, the TWG will be at the Taipei International Book Exhibition. TWG members are very excited to be participating in this 25th anniversary of the event. Come and find us in the International Section.


Since launching Peak Heat in the depths of a clammy, humid Taiwanese winter, the writers have been working hard on a follow up. TWG Anthology IV, Twisted Fairy Tales, goes live on Amazon this month. New writers and old favourites have contributed to this latest anthology, and you can meet them at the launch event on October 1st at Voodoo Doughnut.

Also in the pipeline are simplified Chinese translations of Taiwan Tales and Night Market. The TWG has been working with the translation company Fiberead to prepare these anthologies for sale on Amazon in China.

New Publications

Patrick Wayland, author of The Jade Lady and Deadman Bay, has published a new thriller, Nialhaus Proxy.


Bradley Verdell has published the first five books in his steampunk fantasy, Chadwick Yates.


Colin Norman recounts his hilarious (for readers) experience of Taiwanese healthcare in Gut Feeling: An Adventures in Asia Short.


Jenny Green has published four books in her light-hearted scifi series, Carrie Hatchett, Space Adventurer.

Carrie Hatchett 2D box set volume 1

Pat Woods’ Sherlock Holmes story, The Adventure of the Etheric Projection, appeared in Jersey Devil Press in January, and Pat and Ellyna Ford Phelps each had stories accepted for the mystery thriller anthology, 559 Ways to Die.



Several writers in the TWG have novels nearing completion, and stories and poems submitted to magazines and other publishing markets. It’s a busy time for the writers, and things promise to get busier. Thanks to all our readers for their wonderful support.