TIBE Follow-up: Ebooks! (Part 1)

Hi everyone! A number of people who came to visit us at the Taiwan International Book Exhibition (TIBE) over the last week asked about the ebook versions of the books we were selling. For the benefit of those who love reading but are forced by spacial constraints to limit the numbers of physical books they own, here is a run-down of all the writers’ group anthologies we were selling:

Writers’ Group Anthologies

Taiwan Tales was published in 2014, and is a multi-genre anthology of short stories from eight authors. All the stories are about Taiwan, but from different perspectives, including elements of fantasy, science-fiction, personal experiences, and more.


Night Market, published in July 2015, is a multi-genre anthology of short stories by ten different authors. All of the stories involve night markets and are mostly set in Taiwan. The stories are historical fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, ghost stories, and more.


Peak Heat, published in January 2016, is an anthology of dystopian short stories by nine different authors. Inspired by J.J. Green’s story “The Collector” in Taiwan Tales, the stories examine the Earth after global warming has gotten out of control. Each tale takes place in a different part of the world and focuses on how people’s lives were affected by the disaster.


Twisted Fairy Tales, published in September 2016, is an anthology of short stories by nine authors. The stories are twisted (dark / humorous / dirty) retellings of classic fairy tales from around the world, along with some original stories.


In a follow-up blog, I’ll cover the ebooks written by individual authors from the group, including all those that appeared at TIBE.


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