TWG Interviewed by Local News

During the Taipei International Book Expo back in February, our booth was visited by Christie Chen, a staff reporter with CNA, a state-owned news network here in Taiwan. She was interested in our books and Taipei Writers’ Group in general, and took away a couple of our books.

She also also kind enough to attend our book launch at Yue Yue & Co. on February 22nd, where she spoke to several other writers and set up some interviews.

Some of the details of these interviews (with Pat Woods, J.J. Goodwin, and C.K. Hugo Chung), as well as a few live recordings of our readings that night, can be found on CNA’s website here:


One thought on “TWG Interviewed by Local News

  1. Hello! I’m writing to you in the comment section because I don’t see a contact tab anywhere. My name is Susan Chase-Foster and I’m a poet living in Bellingham, WA, U.S. My son has lived in Taipei for many years and so I have visited the beautiful island of Taiwan many times. I’m writing to make contact with expatriate poets living in Taiwan and am so grateful to have found your website.

    I’ve written a book of poems about my many experiences in Taiwan, each poem accompanied by a photo taken by my son. It’s a really beautiful collection of visual and poetic images. The book will be launched in Bellingham on July 6, and I’ll be bringing it to Taipei in December. I would love to re-launch the book in Taipei then. If you have any ideas about the best way to do that, I’d love to hear from you. And I’d love to read your work! 謝謝 Xièxiè Susan


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