Bradley Verdell

Bradley Verdell is a native East Tennessean and holds a degree in Journalism & Electronic Media. He is a former Knoxville News Sentinel reporter and magazine freelancer turned novelist.

An active outdoorsman and international traveler, Verdell fills his works with authentic depictions of wilderness exploration, as well as the struggles of adapting to new cultures and environments. He cites his passion for 19th century history and literature as the inspiration for his settings and style of writing.

Verdell’s historical fantasy novels explore the male soul as shaped by war, honor, friendship, and a spiritual connection with the wilderness.

Verdell is currently writing an extensive series titled The Adventures of Chadwick Yates, which is notable for its use of only historically accurate 19th century technology.


Chadwick Yates and the Cannibal Shrine

Chadwick Yates and the Forest Labyrinth

Chadwick Yates and the Anuran Contest

Chadwick Yates and the Ascent of Dolymtiud

Chadwick Yates and the Coulsby Gentleman’s Club


Book Preview:


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