L L Phelps/Ellyna Ford Phelps

L.L. Phelps is a writer and editor from the U.S.A. She’s spent the last ten years abroad, mostly in Taipei. She occasionally writes as Ellyna Ford Phelps. You can find her on Facebook (L.L.Phelps), follow her on twitter @LLPhelps1, and read her occasional musings on taipeiwritersgroup.wordpress.com.


Left Photo Credit: Hannah Timm Photography

Right Photo Credit: Craig Ferguson



Piper’s Prelude: The Delron Chronicles, Book One


Still Breathing -1st Place, WOW Flash Fiction Contest Summer 2014 (as Ellyna Ford Phelps)

Online publications

Till Death -Daily Science Fiction

Distant Dragon -Daily Science Fiction


Daddy Who Mad Scientist Journal-Spring 2015


Bury Me With Love 559 Ways to Die (as Ellyna Ford Phelps)

Matchstick Fallout Plan 559 from Outer Space Mk. II and Twisted Fairy Tales for Adults

The Last Peach Queen Peak Heat

The Gryphon Eggs Night Market

Semblance Other Realms

The Ties That Bind Plan 559 from Outer Space

Dragon’s Call  Taiwan Tales

Absolution (as Ellyna Ford Phelps)  Winter Tales

The Santa Drive  Winter Tales

Distant Dragon also appears in Dragon: Ten Tales of Fiery Beasts

In the Media

Wow Flash Fiction Contest-Summer 2014 Announcement (as Ellyna Ford Phelps)

Wow Interview for 1st Place Story, Still Breathing (as Ellyna Ford Phelps)


University of Edinburgh-Online Creative Writing Showcase 2016 (as Ellyna Ford Phelps)

Social Media





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