Gravatar – Grappling With Author Identity

I have had my own blogs online, with photographs of myself, for several years now.  Therefore, I was surprised at the rise in my stress levels when it was suggested I get a Gravatar profile.   Gravatar is a “Globally Recognized Avatar”.  Gravatar as a fantastic tool to help people streamline their online information for a number of different services.  For me, this tool comes loaded with a weighty question:

Who is this writer version of me and how does it connect to the rest of my life?

Getting a Gravatar profile has meant a couple of big things:

1. I’ve had to stand on my own two feet, with a photo devoid of the family I usually lean on or hide behind. As THE WRITER, I am alone in my decisions – and my photos.

2. I’ve had to make a name choice and be done with it.  No more of this tinkering with an author name.  Katrina A. Brown.  It’s not apart from me. It is a part of me.

3.  I’ve had to truly commit to authorship.  After all, there is not much point posting an avatar of myself claiming I write, if I don’t actually publish anything.

Who knew one little hovering box would cause so much anxiety?



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